Need an Experienced Infrared Inspection Company?

Hi-Tech Maintenance offers infrared scanning, maintenance, and management services to commercial and industrial clients around the nation. With over 45 years of experience in the utility industry, Hi-Tech Maintenance not only understands infrared inspections and maintenance, but also the function of the tested equipment, meaning that we can provide you with expert analysis on what needs to be done.

We are a family-owned and operated business that places a high premium on customer service. If your equipment is in need of infrared inspections and maintenance, we would love the opportunity to become your service provider.

Our IR Services

We provide a variety of infrared maintenance services for both commercial and utility clients, including:

Infrared Inspections & Analysis

An unobtrusive and nondestructive method of testing equipment,infrared inspections can alert you to minor issues before they become major problems. Infrared inspections can help prevent issues such as unexpected equipment shutdowns, moisture damage, and electrical problems.

Electrical Switchgear Infrared Scanning

Ensuring that your electrical equipment is working properly can save you both time and money. Our electrical switchgear scanning services can pinpoint any discrepancies or hot spots in your equipment, preventing potential catastrophes such as fires or total equipment shutdown.

Mechanical Systems Inspection

If you would like to increase your profitability and reduce your maintenance costs, infrared inspection of your mechanical systems is a must. Our infrared mechanical systems inspections can help identify problems, prevent system shutdowns, and help you avoid costly repair bills.

Transmission and Distribution Line Inspections

One of the only providers of high-voltage infrared scans in the country, Hi-Tech Maintenance sets itself apart from competitors with its vast equipment knowledge, meaning that we not only understand infrared but also the proper function of the equipment we are testing.

We scan distribution lines from the substation to the end of the line and back to the station so that every inch of the line and equipment is inspected.

Interested in any of our infrared scanning services? Contact us to learn how we can help your business increase productivity and avoid costly shut downs.

Why Hi-Tech Maintenance?

Hi-Tech Maintenance is a family owned and operated business founded by Johnny D. Jordan in 1998. Mr. Jordan founded Hi-Tech Maintenance after acquiring 35 years of experience in utility maintenance, engineering, and design.

He has a wide range of experience with all voltage classifications from 230 kv transmission equipment to 120 volt wiring circuits. He is also a Flir certified infrared technician.

Hi-Tech Maintenance has scanned more than 10,000 miles of distribution lines and provided hundreds of on-site infrared inspections for commercial and industrial customers. No job is too large or small for us and we are also willing to travel, so contact us if you are interested in our infrared services.

Why Our Infrared Services?

  • We have more than 45 years of experience in the utility industry, including: design, construction, and maintenance.
  • We possess the experience and knowledge needed to identify critical problems as well as the ability to communicate quickly to prevent outages.
  • We don't just know how to operate the camera-- we know and understand the construction and operation of the equipment that we scan.
  • We take pride in our work and the quality of service we provide.

Our Team

Johnny Jordan - Johnny is an infrared technician with more than 15 years of infrared scanning experience. He also possesses 35 years of experience in the design, construction, and maintenance of Transmission and Distribution equipment.

Kellie Jordan - Kellie is a Level 1 infrared technician.

Our Services

  • Infrared Inspection

    Undergoing infrared inspections can save your business thousands of dollars a year in maintenance and repair costs alone. Inspections can also catch issues that you may not have been aware of, saving you from having to pay for costly repairs.

    Hi-Tech Maintenance provides infrared inspection services for businesses across the nation. We not only have a great deal of experience in infrared technology, but also in the functionality of what we are scanning—meaning that we can provide you with more in-depth analysis of your situation than any other infrared service inspector.

    We perform infrared inspection on the following:

    Distribution and Transmission Lines – We have an extensive background in infrared scanning of transmission and distribution lines. Infrared scanning is an essential part of maintenance for these lines, as a single issue could have the potential to cause a costly shutdown. Regular scanning can help address minor issues before they become major problems.

    Our infrared services are designed to prevent unscheduled downtime, ensuring your customers will remain happy and that your business’ reputation remains sterling. Our team of inspectors coupled with the use of top-of-the-line infrared scanning technology means that your equipment will be scanned thoroughly and professionally.

    Substations – Substation scanning is an essential part of making sure your equipment is functioning properly. Substation shutdowns have the potential to cost businesses large amounts of money, so preventative maintenance is always a good idea.Two of the most common issues we encounter when performing infrared substation scans are overheating and abnormally cold temperatures—both of which signal issues with electrical components. Both of these are serious issues that, if left uncorrected, could lead to a costly shut down.

    In addition to providing professional infrared inspection techniques, our experience makes us uniquely qualified to provide infrared analysis. This means that we can identify your distribution and transmission problems and make recommendations for repairs and/or improvements.

  • Infrared Analysis

    While many infrared service providers can only recognize and assess issues, Hi-Tech Maintenance technicians have the experience necessary to provide you with in-depth infrared inspection and analysis. We can not only identify and assess the extent of your issues—we can also make recommendations on how to correct them and prevent them from arising in the future.

    With over 45 years of experience in the utility industry, we understand not only how to conduct infrared inspections and properly scan equipment, but also the ultimate function of the equipment itself. This level of experience separates us from our competition, as we can provide you with a full infrared scan and analysis, saving you the headache of having to pay someone to scan and then having to pay someone else to analyze.

    Contact Hi-Tech Maintenance if you’re searching for well-qualified and experienced full-service infrared scanning and analyzing professionals.

  • Electrical Switchgear Scanning Services

    Your electrical system is the heart of your industrial building. Without it, your entire facility can shut down, ruining productivity and costing you money. Hi-Tech Maintenance is here to ensure that you avoid costly issues such as these—our electrical switchgear scanning services can identify issues with electrical systems and panels before they fail, saving you both valuable time and money.

    Common issues that we diagnose using infrared scanning include:

    • Malfunctioning electrical equipment
    • Circuit overload
    • Faulty connections
    • Unbalanced power distribution

    Investing in an electrical switchgear scan can prevent issues such as those listed above from crippling your facility’s productivity (and profitability). Our scans are unobtrusive and do not require that you shut down your facility or hault production. We understand the importance of keeping your company working and complete our scans as quickly and effectively as possible to ensure that you don't miss a minute of productivity.

    Malfuntioning electrical equipment, circuit overload, faulty connections, and unbalanced power distribution are all issues that are easily identified by infrared scanning. Unfortunately many companies wait until they have an issue to invest in an infrared scan. Rather than risk having your entire facility shut down as a result of an electrical switchgear issue, consider investing in routine infrared scanning services from Hi-Tech Maintenance.

    Hi-Tech Maintenance’s infrared electrical switchgear scanning services are the perfect solution for a business that is seeking to improve its bottom line by reducing maintenance and repair costs, not to mention eliminating down-time caused by issues such as a faulty electrical switch.

  • Infrared Mechanical Systems Inspection

    Just like buildings, mechanical systems are only as strong as their weakest part. All it takes to ruin an expensive piece of machinery is the malfunction of a bearing or belt. Unexpected equipment shutdowns can cost you a ton of money-- not only in time lost and materials not produced, but also in paying wages for machine operators who cannot do their jobs until the machinery is inspected and repaired.

    Luckily mishaps such as these can be easily avoided by investing in periodic infrared inspections of your mechanical systems.

    We use our top-of-the-line thermal imaging equipment to perform infrared scans of your mechanical equipment to detect the presence of:

    • Overheating bearings, belts, shafts, etc.
    • Alignment or overloading issues
    • Lubrication or excessive heat issues.

    Mechanical systems issues are often invisible to the naked eye, making infrared inspection an absolute necessity for any business that wants to maintain its up-time and prevent costly repairs or work stoppages. Preventative maintenance is essential to maintaining your profitability, so we offer service plans that include periodic inspection of mechanical systems to identify any issues, allowing you to address small issues before they become money-draining problems.

    Our unobtrusive infrared mechanical inspections can often be completed in short periods of time, preventing the need for you to shut down your equipment. After all, our main goal is to ensure that your equipment is functioning properly so that you can continue to be productive and profitable.

  • Transmission & Distribution Line Infrared Inspections

    Why High-Voltage Infrared Inspection?

    High-voltage infrared scanning is extremely important for utility companies, as their customers demand constant and reliable power quality to fuel their homes, businesses, electronics, and manufacturing equipment. In short, a utility company with constant outage issues runs the risk of losing customers and profits due to outages.

    With this in mind, many utility companies elect to hire utility infrared maintenance companies to perform high-voltage scans of their substations and transmission and distribution equipment. Utility infrared inspections are nondestructive and require no contact with any of the transmission/distribution lines and substations.

    Best of all-- regularly scheduled transmission and distribution infrared inspections can identify small issues before they become major problems that leave thousands of homes and businesses without power. In addition, early issue detection allows utility companies to plan for repairs and perform them during regular working hours as opposed to requiring technicians to work overtime (often at night) to repair an outage that could have been identified by a high-voltage infrared scan.

    The images below illustrate the temperature differences that can occur within a single piece of utility equipment.

    Our Transmission and Distribution Infrared Scanning Process

    We use only the highest quality equipment and professional techniques when conducting utility equipment infrared scans. Our two-man teams utilize truck mounted IR cameras to scan all lines from feeder to substation and back to ensure that every inch of the transmission and distribution line is properly scanned for issues (we are also equip to travel off-road if necessary).

    The following is just a sample of the equipment that we inspect:

    • Circuit switchers
    • Line switches
    • Station Transformers (including conservator tanks, radiators, and cooling fans)
    • Regulators (single phase and three phase)
    • CCVTs
    • Arresters
    • Circuit breakers (gas and oil)
    • Reclosers
    • Distribution class lightning arresters
    • Splices (all voltages)
    • Pad mount transformers
    • Overhead transformer banks
    • Capacitor banks

    Our infrared cameras scan in real time to identify issues as they are occurring, allowing us to take accurate measurement readings to determine hot spots and irregularities in the line and/or substation equipment.

    After the Infrared Scan

    Shortly after we conclude our scan, we provide our clients with high-quality digital images of problem areas discovered via infrared. We also create in-depth reports that outline the equipment numbers and GPS locations of all problem items, a detailed description of each problem, as well as all temperature analysis.

    Effective high-voltage infrared scans are absolutely essential in the effort to prevent hot spots and issues with switches, breakers, and transformers. Hi-Tech Maintenance offers a level of high-voltage infrared scanning expertise that can’t be found anywhere else.

What is Infrared?

Infrared light is not visible to the naked eye because infrared wavelengths are too high on the electromagnetic spectrum. The wave lengths are longer than those of visible light and shorter than those of radio waves. This part of the electromagnetic spectrum is what we perceive as heat or "heat radiation." Infrared is mostly associated with "hot spots," but did you know that ANYTHING above absolute zero emits infrared heat?

What is Thermography?

The term "Thermography" refers to the capturing of thermal patterns and data emitted by an object with the use of an infrared imaging and measurement camera. An image is then produced with the camera that can give you data that is otherwise unattainable. Thermography has many uses besides scanning buildings, industrial equipment, and transmission and distribution lines; it is often used by firefighters to help identify and extract individuals who are trapped by fire/smoke. Thermography was also used to help capture the suspect in the recent Boston Marathon bombings.

Equipment Used for Infrared Scanning

Common Flir Infrared Camera Models include the PM280, PM290, and P660

FLIR P-Series infrared cameras provide superior thermal and visual image quality, spot size resolution, temperature measurement accuracy, and a host of advanced features will give you the best engineered, best infrared camera on the market today.

Common FLIR P-Series Features:

  • 640 x 480 IR resolution
  • 3.2 Megapixel visual camera
  • Eyepiece viewfinder for outdoor work
  • Thermal Fusion Picture-in-Picture Fusion
  • Periodic storage
  • Programmable buttons
  • Target illuminator for low-light areas
  • Voice and text annotation with each image
  • WLAN interface
  • Optional remote control.

The camera's high-quality resolution and voice/text annotation feature allows us to scan industrial equipment and transmission/distribution lines in high-definition while making notes about the images along the way. This ensures that we provide expert analysis upon completion of a scan, allowing us to provide detailed recommendations on how to best address the issues uncovered during the scan.

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